Friday, April 23, 2010

Cat and Cat

He saw her tiny stick figure frame, walking toward the only working ATM in his neighborhood. He'd made sure the camera was fuzzed enough to miss his face, if he came on from the left. But just as he was about to start in on her, she pulled her phone out with a friendly, valley girl, "Hey daddy." So he jitter-stepped past her instead, and turned down an alleyway. Fortunately, she headed his way, still gabbing on loudly. He gave her most of the block before slinking after her.


After finishing the phone call, the girl huddled in on herself and hurried herself on, pulling further ahead of him; she dashed across a street just as the lights changed. An aggressive driver honked, maybe her pursuer had crossed too?

She slowed her pace -she couldn't let herself get too far ahead! What if he lost interest?