Monday, April 26, 2010

It's winter and there were two cars tailing one.

No, no. It was definitely winter, but there was a car, tailing a car that was tailing another car. The first and third cars there, are: car one: henchman, handiman, go to guy, whatever. Car three, the car at the front of this daisy chain, that car is The Boss's car. He has a driver and white hair and a dark grey suit under a dark khaki color rain coat.

He had the driver pull into an Italian restaurant, and the man tailing him jumped him, just as his hand touched the baroque door; they wrestled, fell to the ground.

The driver of car three, the tail of the tail, didn't bother turning off or taking the keys out; slid across the hood of his SUV and was into the fray before his boss saw him. The attacker saw him, though, and kicked at him. The kicks were ineffectual and the attacker was face down on the sidewalk in no time, no sweat.

"Sorry boss." the handy man said.

"It's fine. I miss getting into it like that, frankly." The Boss patted his go to guy on the shoulder. "All in a day, right?" They smiled knowingly at one another as, in the distance, sirens started.