Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I'm glad we don't have a basement." she said, knocking her boots together before climbing out of the water, onto the stairs.

Her roommate chuckled.

Diana continued, "Yeah, the neighbor's got some weird whirlpool because of an errant eddy, and their house collapsed in, but the outer walls are all still there."

"That sucks."


It used to be: April Showers bring May flowers. Now it rains in May, and sometimes the flowers last a few days into the scorch of June.

Tea baggers scoff during the frigid winters, saying things like: Global warmin' mah ass! But it's not global warming. It's climate change.

There are a million other slogans that get bandied about, calls for this or that.

Really, though: More warm rains to dance barefoot in the cabbage fields is just fine by us.