Monday, May 17, 2010

That gate, the first gate, it worked like this: the more easily it could be seen on this side of the path, the harder it was to get to the other end, where ever it was going.

So, if you had to hunt for minutes as the sun set quicker than you'd have thought, and you could barely get over the gate (it being over run by vines, propped closed by logs) then, once you were over it, the path to the next place was wide and even.

If, however, you walked up and there were no passing cars, no one to judge you strange, then the gate was right there, swung open a little -beckoning arms- when you approached, then your walk through to where ever this gate lead, whatever path it held in check (this path, dammed up and let bubble in a lake, on its threshold) that walk(?) would be harrowing.