Monday, June 28, 2010

Missed Days and Magic

He'd like to say it was laziness that kept him from posting, post an apology. Ectoplasm, though, just doesn't click clack keys like fingers used to.

He'd like to say he's sorry, but that's a half truth.

He didn't need a day off, or a run around the world, or a ninja attack.

He didn't forget.

He wasn't possessed by demons.

There's a reality, and this consoled him, which is why he posted it here, you'll understand, where he and his harem did not miss a message, clicked the button, saved the bunker and the air conditioning unit from explosion.

Where he was still alive.

Where he'd been dead for years.

Where he was internet famous.

Where he was 1920's Hollywood famous.

Where this didn't happen again.