Monday, July 26, 2010

The room was asylum bare, and one of the others was irate. Before now, we'd only been here eye blinks, but this time i counted all the way to thirty before bouncing back.

And this time, I'd been out all night on a date, with a nice young man who told me the sunrise from this one particular spot was too good to miss, but when I got back, he was walking into the orange glow of the parking structure's elevator hub.

I called his name, and when he turned around, and I saw his cheeks glisten, his crotch dark, trickling down his leg. He opened his mouth, to say something I think, but vomited instead.

In the room, it was the black guy being irate. He demanded our names, email addresses, why we were doing this to him. I mumbled something and he turned on me, so i gave him my name, and my public email address. "Thank-you," he said. And then I was back on the top of the parking structure.