Thursday, July 1, 2010

Until he turned on the lights in his apartment, since he'd been out of diapers, Neptune Rasmus had not wet himself. Today, though, when he turned on his lights, he did.

The elephant seemed to smile, then it lay down, like a cat stretching. It looked up, and batted its eyelashes at Neptune, who gingerly stepped back, and shut his door. "I've wet myself." he said, quietly.

The elephant nodded.

"Look, I have to go to bed, okay? I've got a date tomorrow." Neptune eyed the elephant nervously. He asked, "You don't have to go to the bathroom, or whatever, do you?"

The elephant shook it's head, no, and Neptune wet waddled back, until he was fully against the door.

Neptune said, "You're probably. No." Neptune started again: "I'm very tired. I think I'm so tired I'm hallucinating."

The elephant stared at him, still but for a single languid right to left tail swish.

Neptune continued: "Since you're probably not real, and you've assured me," He cluck laughed, "You've assured me you're not going to hose my apartment down. I'm going to shower. Maybe have a little cry, and go to bed. And when I wake up, you won't be there." He nodded.

And indeed, after his shower, Neptune checked his apartment, but found nii hide nor hair of the elephant he'd seen when he first arrived home that evening. He drank a glass of water, went to bed and dreamed of kissing.

Neptune woke to his alarm, and, uncustomarily, got up without hitting snooze. Cautiously, he checked his apartment again, for signs of, or an actual, elephant. Finding none, he continued with his daily routine all the way to work, where he worked, had lunch, and worked some more. Finally, it was time to change his shirt, sign out, and head to the new Indian restaurant, to meet his date, Sara Oceania. It would be their third date, as it were, and Neptune was quite excited at the prospects.