Friday, July 9, 2010

We now return to our regularly scheduled moments (or: As Good as Synchronicity Gets)

I was driving, singing along to the new CD from my favorite band (it doesn't matter what, just singing along, happily tapping along.) And why not? It was cool for July, and it was so early, yeah: my windows were down and I was singing along.

It started to rain, as I crawled through the get-to-work traffic of a four way stop. I was looking around, and there's this skinny, soaked girl, smiling; huge headphones, a-frame shirt, running shorts, barefoot, whatever. We locked eyes and she smiled and walked up to my car as I stopped again, and, obviously, I'd stopped singing as she walked up to me.

The first words out of her mouth were the chorus to the song, just as it started in my car stereo. She sang along for a bit, smiling, slap drumming on my door. As the song went into its bridge, she lifted her headphones, and? Our songs were perfectly in sync.

I offered her a ride, but she shook her head.

Our song ended and she walked into the green downpour.