Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Make culture! We can create anything!"

But then, this was a woman, girl really, who thought I'd been hit by a bus, or a car, or was dead, anyhow.

And admittedly, I had been dead, but not so much so that I couldn't answer a phone, or email or whatever.

"The empathic spectrum. The drivers of connection and community. This world is focused on empathy -not attention- and reputation. It is slower, but richer. This is not easy to get to, but it is possible." -Jamais Casico.

And we got up and left, because that world, the world he'd been speaking about had passed, was passing. Listening to his speech reminded us: Starbucks Raid in twenty minutes, and if you've not got an epic mount IRL, then the zepplin ain't gonna wait for your dawdling ass.

Epic gear: harder to get, and when you hit the level cap (or "Adulthood") then what? Then the real grind begins.

They're making the world so easy, but the actual game doesn't even begin until 80. getting to 80 creates:

A) a barrier to entry, however minimal it may be
B) a structured way to learn the basic skills and roles necessary in your career to continue through the new game, that starts at the level cap.

Sneakily, they've added level cap items that do nothing but make it easier for you to drag other careers to 80. "You can stay in the shallow end as long as you want." is, in effect, what they're saying.

You can get a job without going to college, you can even make good money doing it, and if you're lucky, get end-game/epic rewards.

None of that postulating, gibbering and pontificating though, got us to the bus stop before the 34A pulled away, stranding us miles from home and more miles from where our Service Daily Mission was located.