Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There's no cathartic moment in this story, her husband fell asleep, and later that day, into a comatose state.
His avatar wasn't tired, so neither was he. The sun rose, and still he plugged away, climbing up that virtual hill, hand in hand with her.
Her office was warm, and smelled like good jasmine tea. She told him to take his coat off with a smile, and he did. She told him to sit with a wink, and he did.
this isn't for anyone any more. I did, I swear, used to have an audience in mind. There were going to be huge, sweeping arcs, and friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends and all the other stories that happen.

Now, though, nothing so pleasant. Just a walk in a park. The muted scraping of a shovel on cement, in winter.
"Didn't I used to know you?" He asked.

"No." Came the simple reply.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Look, you're the second nice person I've chatted with today, the first one was a guy named Matt, who sold me the ticket. I can't spend that much money, so we'll all get a third, alright?" Annabelle smiled at the janitor, who looked confused, but nodded anyhow.
He smiled sheepishly at the attractive woman who had just introduced herself to him. Half leaning against the broom, the clerk extended a hand, which she shook.

"So if I win, you win. So I'll wish you good luck." She said.