Monday, November 7, 2011

An Aside

Lifting of the veil, curtain, what have you. (While I sit on a toilet, stealing wifi, sapping my laptop's battery.)

I thought the idea of an existential story was interesting. Unfortunately, the inner workings of someone who can't die aren't as interesting as I'd initially hoped.

There's no arc there, or there isn't one I have a hold of any more. Originally, I had an arc.

The most recent (as of this post) nanowrimo emails had a clever idea, which I am going to use to start a new story. The author suggested writing a list of 25 scenes that are "worth" about 2,000 words. So here we go.

  1. An introduction of the dragon (TD): description, it's first conscious moments, its first realization that it isn't human <-- some sort of conflict with a messy resolution. (gas station, fire breathing)
  2. An introduction of the main villain (MV): description, a day in it's lab, an explanation of its goals. 
  3. An introduction of the random element (RE): description, normal day to day existence. This day-to-day must have an interaction with . . .
  4. An introduction of an unconscious version of the villain type (UVVT). Voice/Tone must remain neutral and tied closely to RE's perspective. But colorless.
  5. RE glimpses into TD after #1. Chases for a while, runs into MV.
  6. MV captures RE; RE escapes mid-process.
  7. RE has a reverse reaction to MV's process, has to deal with UVVTs. 
  8. RE and TD meet, connect, TD disappears, leaving (blood stains, bodily fluids, claw, tooth?) behind
  9. MV and TD meet, lies are told, RE ''saves'' TD
  10. MV destroys a large chunk of (what's left of) RE's normal life
  11. RE fails to save last chunk of their normal life
  12. RE internalizes #8 
  13. RE searches for both MV and TD
  14. ^
  15. RE fails to find either, and moves to california, visiting an estranged family, who introduce him to some burners, get him a part time job.
  16. TD meets a burner, who directs it to california
  17. MV arrives days later, kills the burner and heads after TD
  18. TD travels to in california, in the process, learns to control which aspects of itself it exposes to humans, how to breathe fire, and how to . . . 
  19. RE restarts his life, has a drug trip, learns to control his output, too.
  20. RE and TD run into each other at a bar // one night stand alerting MV to their location, before they split again
  21. MV recruits UVVTs and follows the trail of lit burners
  22. TD arrives five days before the burn, begins to search for the others
  23. RE arrives three days before the burn, begins looking for TD, meets the others
  24. MV arrives two days before the burn, hunts for TD, stalks RE
  25. The burn and its aftermath