Monday, May 7, 2012

Can I talk  about Ellen Auch for a minute? She had thick ankles and I told her. I told her she’d think she really liked me and that I was good for her but that I wasn’t. I even told her that she’d rationalize my telling her this as proof that I was a good guy, but that I wasn’t, I wasn’t then.

I’m a better guy, now, I think. It’s been a few years, and I’m more red, and have a bigger belly, if nothing else. But there’s a lot else, isn’t there?

There is. But magic isn’t talkable.

Boring people have more interesting face book pages than interesting people, and anyone (Anyone!) who has an online profile is somewhat damaged. Somewhat maladaptive, if you’re from 1990. In 1990, through about 2000 online spaces were for nerds.

Now everyone’s here.

Tumblr displaced blogs in October 2012.

Micro-blogging killed actual regular blogging. People needed to communicate with their loose circles, which weren’t even a think normal people had, back in 1999.

Let’s talk about 1999. I was in high school. I had an email account, but didn’t really use it for anything. I had AOL instant messenger, which I  used a lot, and pretended to be everyone from a 40 year old man, to a 20 year old lesbian girl. I got two phone numbers, unsolicited, from my pretending.

So, was it pretending? Not to the people I talked to. I never broke character there, apart from the abrupt exits.

I’m half breaking character here. Reminiscing about a time before the breakdown of almost all institutions.

What institutions are left? Family. Religion. School, to an extent. Government, on a small scale. I suppose institutions exist because they won’t ever go away, one form or another. Still, it’s early days yet.