Tuesday, May 1, 2012

With thanks to Stephania Byrd, whose story here I've fictionalized.

I was living in Hamtramck, a neighborhood in Detroit. I had been laid off, but the city of Detroit had money from the Comprehensive Training and Employment Act (CETA), and I was hired as a XYZ hunter. My job was to follow them and find out where they ate, follow their runs and track them back to their burrows. I was really good at it! When I found where they lived, the city sent out this man who had a license to poison. He was from Cape Rojo. The stuff they used to poison XYZ with was called Blue Squill, and it was absorbed through the skin and so was really dangerous. At first, I was depressed about the job, but then a friend told me, “What you are doing is a public service.” I like to think of it that way.