Sunday, June 24, 2012

I met a young woman today with crayon red hair, she wore glasses too, and had a toothy laugh, but what stuck out most was her hair.

It'd been a long day: a family wedding culminating, or tapering off --your choice!-- at a intentionally low key bar, with Karaoke, and micro brews with names like, "ypsi gypsy."

This young woman said, "I pass over video games because I already feel like I'm wasting so much of my life." She said this because she is cheerfully warring with cancer. At the moment, her war is a stalemate, but she doesn't always remember who she's firing shots at.

I'd forgotten I could dodge bullets until this evening. I suppose --all old dogs and their tricks, n'est pas?-- I'm proud of my deflections, and I hope she doesn't mind gunfight.

Enemies becoming friends and all that, if we're to be high school students about it all.

I'd prefer we just became friends.