Friday, August 31, 2012

I dislike tying posts here to an actual time line, but here's a post to think about
So, if you want to write for Arc, here’s your challenge. Enter our third short story competition and share with us your vision of the future of pleasure, entertainment, games, toys and fun. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Her nails went right in the man's eyes, her thumbs scraping his gums as she pushed his head back.

Her boyfriend curled into a ball on the ground. . .

But that's not true. He's not a wuss, I know the guy. I'm inside his head for heaven's sake (and it is).

Here's an ending for you:

The two (surviving) main characters are sitting on a beach watching the sun settle into a crystal clear body of water.

The feminine one (not necessarily a man) shivers and her partner wraps a towel around her shoulders.

They clink champagne flutes together and the sun disappears --not under the horizon line, simply disappears, like a switch has been flipped and now the sun's light is "off."