Sunday, December 30, 2012

Suicide is the answer, actually.

Metaphorical nothing. You shoot yourself in the head with a gun, any gun, and you die, here, in this world.

In all the other worlds, though not a statistically significant number, you don't.

It isn't time travel if it is strictly vertical. But vertical in a sense we can't understand.

Suicide is a doorway.

This is a lot of rumination, though, isn't it?

Walk into the gun store. Wait twenty-four hours. Start traveling. Don't be obvious, buy three boxes of bullets. Asking for just one bullet would probably send the wrong message.

Whatever reality you're about to exit goes on without you. Whoever you're living with will have to clean your brains and bones off the ceiling or the carpet or the wall. Be thoughtful! Double bag that head before pulling the trigger!

Whoever loved you will have many, many questions. Why? What? Why?

Also, probably, a few weeks later, it will dawn on them and anyone that loved or even knew you will ask themselves: "Why?"

It is best to leave a note. Just one, and don't be fancy. Explain that . . . I don't know. Suicide notes are very personal. Don't blame anyone, though, and make sure they know you were happy and want them to be happy too.

Don't try to make them hate you, that always backfires. Trying to make people hate you will, eventually, somewhere (and possibly not to a statistically significant number) back fire, and open more questions.

Loving suicide notes don't make sense either.

You see the trickiness, now, yes? You get to go galavanting around in other dimensions, with other identities, for literally ever and all your loved ones here grow old and die wondering why you opted out "before your time."

That's (probably) the best suicide note to leave: "This is my time." Don't embellish. Don't get flowery. Good, strong declarative sentences and pull the trigger and move on.