Sunday, February 10, 2013

The man is sitting in a coffee house, laptop out, coat flung over the other chair. The Octopus is perched on the back of his chair, reading and clicking its phantom limbs on the laptop of the man. It is reading, learning.

Korean is the easiest pictographic language, but ahah! American Sign Language works with just limbs, no need for fingers or contortions.

They sit, learning basic words: Food. Left. Right. Yes. No. Up. Down. Love. Hot. Cold.

The Octopus picks it up much quicker than the man, who is named Tom. Not short for Thomas, or Tomas. Simply: Tom. Certainly, he has a last name, but he doesn't want to share it --hiding the innocent, et cetera.

Tom draws diagrams in his note book, shaky lines denoting motion and direction. The Octopus approves.

They search for specific words and phrases together. The Octopus first searched for an image that captured the nature of the boar, but the man didn't understand.

The Octopus didn't know to show him Grant Morrison's Animal Man comics, or Promethea, by Alan Moore and JH Williams. It did stumble across a review of the Korean movie "Chaw: Attack of the Mutant Killer Pigs" but that confused Tom even more.

Finally, to move the conversation along,  Octopus settled on an impolite lie: My bad brother: here. Need. Brother to go home with me."

"Your brother is a boar?"


"I think you mean bore."