Sunday, March 17, 2013

Todd woke up in his bath tub with a throbbing arm and four mangled fingers.

The Octopus stared at him, hanging from the shower-curtain rod by two arms. It signed: Okay, you?

"Yeah, Yah. Did you kill the boar?"

The Octopus shook its head, but not sadly. It plopped down, and ambled out. Returned and, triumphantly, opened Todd's laptop, and opened the tracking app. "Boar, phone ate." Signed the Octopus.

"The boar ate my cellphone?"

The Octopus nodded, definitely triumphant this time.

"That's amazing! Its still under warranty!" Todd Grinned.

The Octopus held out an arm, with another three it signed: High Five! And they did.

The state of Todd's apartment was not, however, grounds for a High Five.

The sink slumped drunkenly against the pantry door while water spurted unevenly from the bent, twisted, faucet.

"My plates!"

"All." Signed The Octopus.

"My table!" Todd turned pallid. "My bookshelves." He sighed, slumping to the ground, hands wrung. "I built those. They were mine."

The Octopus waited, quietly; motionless. "Lap top. Safe." It signed.

Todd took a moment to muster words: "Yeah, awesome. Thanks."

The Octopus replied, "Writing too. Safe"

"True." Todd nodded and sighed and the Octopus sighed, too.

"Okay." Todd said. Where is my phone?




"Is my car okay?"


"Do I need to pack clothes?"



"Prepare good"


"Yes" The Octopus ambled into Todd's bedroom, leaving him in the bath tub --now cracked, Todd noted. His broken fingers throbbed. His a bump the size of a goose egg had lodged itself above his left eye. The bump pushed his brow down, slightly obscuring his vision. His right arm, the one with the hand hosting three mangled fingers also ached, dully. His ribs all felt speared when Todd stood. "That's enough." he muttered.

The Octopus was sitting on the remains of Todd's bed --mattress tattered