Saturday, March 1, 2014


"Mercedes Marie Swanson!" her mother yelled from the bottom of the wrought iron staircase. "You de-electrify this staircase immediately and come down to breakfast or so help me I will dig out my rubber soled shoes and drag you down myself!"

Mercedes rolled over, her pillow clasped against her ears. She stared up at the rain washing down and across one of her five skylights and sighed. Mercedes adjusted her white, cotton, eye patch and pushed the corners of her mouth around, experimentally. She settled on a crooked grin. "Be there in five! I'm jerking it!" Mercedes yelled.

"You're grounded!" Came the instant report.

"I'm already grounded!" Mercedes screamed back. Mercedes rubbed her hands together, then paused. She looked between her computer and the staircase. Mercedes walked to her tatami mat bed, peeled a corner back and pressed one of two green buttons on a thin, glass and aluminium rectangle. She sighed. She rubbed her hands over her cooled lava scalp and down her wrinkled, chicken skin neck. "Another day." She said.

As she was pulling on a pair of sweatpants, her computer and workbench lost power.

"Son of a --" Mercedes said. She stared at the dull screen and the empty eyes of her various, used-to-be- charging devices.

"No swearing! Get down here!" Mrs. Swanson bellowed. "Your melon is getting warm and your pancakes and tea are getting cold! Now Hurry! Up!"

"Mom! I'm cleaning my eye! Please! --" Mercedes's voice cracked and she stopped shouting mid  thought. She gently pulled her eye patch off and put it in her pants pocket. She took a bottle of saline solution and a cotton ball from a small, high shelf. Mercedes sat, cross legged, and dampened a few cotton balls. Like taking off makeup, Mercedes carefully rubbed and dabbed away the sleep-crust and dried blood from around her ruined eye. She stood, fluidly, without using her hands. From a gigantic, baobab-esque coat rack tucked behind the spiral staircase, Mercedes plucked a fresh, olive colored eye patch; put it on; adjusted it.

"Be right there!" Mercedes shouted and hopped and descended