Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A birth cycle is a series of escalating echoes that culminate in the creation of love. This is the broken equation at the root of our universe. There is a spectrum and both ends, though completely separate, are exactly the same.

He laughed and swallowed the last of his vodka. He looked across the white table at his dinner companion and continued, "Love from things previously not love. Entropy is, in reality, not. Entropy is a human misunderstanding, because humans evolved without a keen love sense. Training a sense of love, learning compassion. Every religion points to this as a thing. Reincarnation, living after death, an afterlife."

Before dinner, he stretched, smiled, all his tension gone. Still smiling, he stared into the mirror. His reflection smiled back.

The pressure subsided. The darkness of his apartment grew warm and soft. The tugging eased. The pushing eased. "Soon." He whispered into the darkness. "But maybe, not yet?"