Monday, May 12, 2014

Trickster Notes v2

Monster Professional Arc and a half (tragedy)
1. Kills a big demon

  • looses killing a small demon, can't pay rent w.out the money from the bounty
  • homeless; first night sleeping in car, sees huge demon chasing someone
  • chases the demon chasing the someone
  • fights the demon, who tears the someone's arm off
  • INNOCENT BYSTANDER RAGE leads to killing the big demon
  • looses the bounty taking the someone to the hospital
  • goes back and the demon body is gone. goes back to hospital, patient checked self out.

2. Paid by mail

  • Wakes up, goes to a gym, showers, sees a neutral demon.
  • Gets to car, envelope with a key in it.
  • Texts contacts --not them.
  • Takes the key to post office
  • Post office doesn't know. Demon working at the post office
  • Almost gets run off the road, swerves into a parking lot with a store "going postal."
  • The key fits a mail box, there.

3. Gets another job

  • Letter to meet someone at a park at dinner time
  • Skips free lunch with a friend
  • Waits at the park
  • No one shows
  • it gets dark
  • has to hide from curfew cops
  • (same) someone shows up with another envelope and two arms

4. Gets snot kicked out of him, and turned into a monster

  • Hands him the envelope and disappears
  • Two big(ger) demons show up
  • Surprises them and gets the drop on one
  • the injured one grabs his leg, tripping him; keeps kicking injured in the face when
  • other demon starts fisti-smashing him into the ground
  • big demon goes for kill shot punch (or equivalent) and gets cut in half: knees to neck: gone
  • Finishes off injured demon, limps home

5. Gets attacked by family, almost dies fleeing loved ones

  • gets home and leaves the lights off
  • father / relation is in the kitchen, too
  • they talk
  • opens the fridge, the light blinds him
  • relation attacks him, knocking him around the kitchen, into the stove; further exacerbating current injuries
  • starts a house fire to distract sibling / relation
  • escapes, hobbling into the night as his house burns

6. Uses the rage and hurt to destroy the snot-kicker

  • Goes back to the park
  • someone is there, dissecting the demons
  • stands up, offers handshake
  • both shake hands and both use it to throw haymaker attacks at the other --trying for insta-kills
  • the bruising from all the other fights are numb, so the delicate pressure point attack from the someone doesn't work
  • fit of rage: smashes and curb stomps someone well to death

7. Moves to Detroit, only takes easy jobs for a while.

  • rifles through someone's clothes; strips him naked. Finds many moneys and a credit card
  • rifles through the demon's guts, finds [something valuable] in the guts of the first downed demon
  • gets picked up by cops for being out after curfew
  • taken to Detroit police station
  • pays bail
  • hails a cab --driven by a demon
  • next day, finds and pays for three months of utilities and rent with half the acquired money.

Monster Personal Arc (rebirth)
1. Lonely Monster killing monsters
2. Saves Sara from monsters bent on revenge
3. Meets Sara
4. Gets to know Self through getting to know Sara
5. Monster fight, turns Sara into a half monster AND they both get the shit kicked out of them.
6. They use combined monster powers to destroy monsters and etc, which seems to expel all his monstrous attributes
7. Leaves the city

Sara Arc Personal Arc (dream / adventure)
1. Gets saved from monster mugging
2. Meets Monster
3. Fights off monsters / Gets to know Monster
4. Alienates family
5. Attacked and taken elsewhere with monster
6. Breaks out / frees self as Monster arrives
7. Leave the city / call family who are happy she is alive after going missing for a while

Sara Professional Arc (Rags to Riches)
1. Coffee maker who looses her job
2. Odd jobs: waitress at a strip club
3. Almost mugged, but gets a reward from the police for detaining a wanted criminal
4. Starts looking for other monsters
5. Gets the shit kicked out of her by other monsters
6. Finds a den of monsters
7. Turns them all in for many, many reward dollars.

Coffee Space Arc (Comedy)
1. okay
2. weird customers
3. weirder customers
4. break in
5. break in and assault
6. burns down
7. Two sets of insurance money (equipment and building owner, something) allow for an all new/amazing rebuild

Julia Personal Arc (Awakening)
1. Dislikes monsters
2. Meets Monster
3. Monsters take over her cafe
4. Monster fight messes up her cafe
5. attacks and fights off Monster and monsters
6. monsters burn down her cafe
7. Monster kills arsonist monsters in front of her . . . not all monsters are bad :)