Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Plot

Monica was a struggling single mom until one day she was seduced by a stranger at the local rec. center and her daughter was kidnapped.

Then Monica had to use her anger to find the video of her daughter being kidnapped and then she had to track down someone who could unscramble the messed up recording and then she had to track down the stranger who seduced her because he was in the recording with the thin man who kidnapped her daughter.

Once she found the stranger, Monica killed him, took his powers and knowledge, then found, then killed the thin man and took her daughter back.

Annabelle. . .

Was a normal girl who loved to swim and every Friday Annabelle and her mom went to the local recreational center to swim until one Friday a thin and a thick man took her. Then they took her to a beach. Then they took her to a restaurant, then they took her to a hotel. Eventually Annabelle's mother came to the hotel and they went home.