Monday, September 28, 2015

Puertas en sus ojos para el diablo le entrar

The green of John's monitor garishly powdered his face in the dark of the cramped dining-cum-living room. He clicked and typed and squinted and occasionally mumbled congratulatory nothings at himself.

This went on for some hours.

John was in a tense moment of waiting for someone else to walk by him, to cross in front of his field of view when Reese slumped through their back door. John looked up, looking ghoulish, twitched in Reese's direction then was immediately scanning the pixelated concrete jungle on his computer monitor. "Huh." Reese mumbled, and dropped her house keys on the cluttered, gravy and rice encrusted stove.  "Didn't clean then?" She called out.

John grunted in response, a guttural "Nuh" then clicked and typed furiously for a few seconds. As suddenly a it started, John's motion ceased and his shoulders sagged a little.

"Didn't kill them, then?" Reese asked. She received the same response. "Bummer," she said and walked the three paces through their kitchen, into their dim living dash dining room. "I'm gonna shower," she said and leaned over John's laptop screen. She unzipped her damp hooded sweater and wiggled and wanly smiled. After a moment of silence, she asked, "Want to come shower?"


Reese straightened up. "Well then," she said, and with a coffee cup rattling stomp and spin was on her way up the steep, narrow stairs to their bathroom.

John looked up and opened his mouth. He worked his jaw for a moment, muttered, "Whatever." and hunched back down around his laptop.

Upstairs, naked, in the bathroom, Reese stared at herself in the tiny mirror. She stood on her tiptoes and cupped her thin paunch with her hands and shook her head. The shower sputtered and steamed. She pushed and pulled her wet, white hair back behind her ears. She shook her shoulders, eyeing her boobs which wobbled solidly and made her smile.

The lights flickered off. Reese felt the house their tiny apartment was stuffed into thrum down to a standstill.

Downstairs, John swore and cursed and then something tinkle smashed against a wall.

Reese smiled, grimly, but immediately felt bad about her petty happiness.

There was a flash of heat lighting and through the bathroom's minuscule rectangular window, momentarily it looked like her reflection had lost its eyebrows and instead of strings of dark hair fussily hanging in her face, Reese's reflection had gigantic, gnashed teeth pushed through her lips and cheeks.

Then,  blackness. Blackness and silence.

More lightning.

"One one thousand," Reese said, "Two --"


And in the flash blue blackness that followed, the mirror rattled all by itself.