Thursday, April 28, 2016


The house is clean and organized for pictures.

Today and this weekend, the front and back yards will be cleaned for visitors, as will the inside of the house and the inside-outside of all windows.

It is raining today, a slow steady rain that started just before 7am. I put the Danger! Glass! Sign on the garbage before 7am. I called and talked to a woman from the garbage company and she assured me that it would all be removed today.

Everyone is asleep, so I am writing.

I am pleased but nervous about the state of the house. I think painting the trim and the window sills will do the house a world of good, as will putting down the molding. I'm not sure what we need to do now, so I will pray and listen, and listen and pray.

I turned the heat on again yesterday, that seems important to mention.

I took two days off work to get the house to the state it is currently in. This weekend, we are taking MANY boxes over to our friends' house, and bless them for holding our things while we find a new place to live.

This weekend, my plan, in addition to the painting, is to start in the basement and work my way up, cleaning and organizing as I go. There will be fast and slow spots, as with any activity, and I am looking forward to a deep clean, like that. My son will help! He loves to help, asks all the time how and if he can help and I will always find a way to let him help, because that is the best thing in the world, I think.

Grocery shopping this weekend, too. Lots to do. The deep clean may start today, and we'll call for another big trash load pick up the following week, too.

My son is awake!