Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gaan Tender -- character sketches

1. Fixing his elven ears.
Laying on a thick table, ankles cuffed, shirtless, Gaan bit down on the chunk of wood in his mouth and forced his eyes open against the pain. The surgeon's knife cut deeply into his ear, and Gaan clenched the leather sheet under him; blood spurted and ran down his ears, pooled on his shoulders.

The surgeon said, "Bite the wood, grind it in your teeth. Grind the wood between your teeth, the Bettlebarb tree is a pain killer. I'm almost through the thick part."

Gaan nodded and sawed his teeth across the wood. The action distracted him, and the sweet mulch gumming up his mouth started to tingle on his teeth. The doctor said something, and the room started to swim. Gaan felt warm. Gaan closed his eyes, and slept.

He woke surrounded by embers and ash and the burned down support remains of the doctor's forest hut. He could not move. Gaan wet himself and passed out.

In Gaan's dream he was floating around inside an infinite smoke coil. He still could not move, but it bothered him less. He was not scared. He heard a voice. The voice told him secrets he didn't remember on waking. The voice explained it willl give Gaan what he wants, but that he, Gaan, will have to help it, the voice, in exchange. Gaan nodded and woke.

He was still in the burned out remains of the surgeon's forest hut. A small girl stared at him, hard eyes and a set mouth. Gaan looked at her, stood up and searched around in the wreckage where he remembered a desk to have been. He found what he was looking for, pocketed it and turned. He mimed tossing two gold coins at the little girl, who startled. Gaan smiled. "I was a half orc with very green skin who limped off, north, understand?" He threw her a gold coin and waited. He played with the other gold coin, running it along his knuckles while he did. "Of course you're a gimp half-orc, you gimp half orc," said tiny girl. Gaan tossed her the other gold coin and smiled at the girl, who smiled back at him. "Good girl," he said, and set off east, into the forest.