Thursday, November 3, 2016

A series of truths

I am terrified of success. Long term success, short term success. They both scare me equally.

I have buried this fear, but like lead or radioactive waste it is poisoning my groundwater.
I think this may be a collective unconscious issue my species has. We are obsessed with poisoning our groundwater and ignoring that fact.

The states of Michigan and North Dakota, Louisana, and probably a majority of the others, we have buried poison in containers, expecting them not to leak out.

I would like, regardless of my fears, to exhume those buried monsters and sacrifice them on the altar of the future, for the betterment of my species.

* * *

In November, in south-east Michigan in 2016, the high temperature during the day was 67° Fahrenheit. The leaves were mostly yellow or brown and many were fallen, but many more were on the trees. There were Ladybugs everywhere. There would be none in spring and something would wake starving, then starve.

Sunset was 17:21. The crowds, the families with young children began to lope home like a parade of November bears; Like so many migrating geese and as they left we sidled into the park on our thick and quiet electric motorcycles.