Saturday, November 26, 2016

Two Very Dark Years (Dos años oscuros)

"I'll go to bed and everything will be better in the morning." --Me November 8th.

Me at 4:30am, November 9, 2016: 
. . . 

I mean, and I say this lightly: Jesus fucking christ, you people. How can approximately 62,418,792 people think it is okay for the people who must represent us internationally to be so blindly privileged that racism, sexism, bigotry, and a general character trait set based off the "Player" principle of "Negging"  is acceptable? How?

I want to move to another country.

I want to stay and fight.

I want to do so many things that even if I just typed them would get me blacklisted and sheesh, who knows what else, but and (or) the weird thing is that the current president elect has threatened worse toward his opponent, who is actually the most supremely capable person ever to apply for the position of POTUS. FFS Clinton has BEEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE BEFORE. She has SEEN WHAT IT DOES TO A PERSON AND STILL WANTS TO DO IT. It is ridiculous that we didn't hand this to her in a landslide. 

. . . There are far too many echo chambers and there are far too many barriers to voting in this country, as it stands, and there are FAR FAR FUCKING TOO FEW Regulations on the way this country runs its elections. It is to a point where foreign countries, opposed to negotiations with the current POTUS have admitted to influencing this election cycle in favor of the president elect.