Sunday, February 5, 2017

Personal 2017

It has been two weeks and a day since the U.S. inauguration.

In these past two weeks, attacks have been made on U.S. scientific communities, minorities, females, and the middle and lower classes in general.

Flint, MI still does not have clean water. The water filtration systems given to residents are failing constantly, poisoning these tax payers with lead. Lead poisoning is irreversible.

I haven't been able to concentrate and I lost the thread of the future where environmentalism and Elon Musk won. Worse: Elon Musk is advising the president and people have stopped supporting him. I have enough faith in him to know that this is to try and get PEOTUS to see reason. I hope.

I spent half an hour watching vine videos, which means I watched 10 * 30 = 300 videos. Lesson learned: you can do / communicate / change a whole lot with six seconds of video.

I have to write something, I don't know what, though. I have no idea what my future looks like. Not true. I have some ideas. I'm distracted a lot. These words came out in two three minute bursts.

I used to be able to roll through hours of constant writing, but that wasn't constant, either. I called a friend and wished him a happy birthday today. It's important to be able to catch the bouncy ball *and* not run into the between classes masses.

instead of writing, I watched this video:

and read these short stories:

And now I am going to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Sweet dreams when you do and safe travels the rest of the time.